Friday, August 7, 2015

Comic Book Review - This Damned Band - Dark Horse (2015)

Dark Horse Comics hosted a panel at Phoenix ComiCon in 2015 and it was on my personal must attend list.  I was excited to attend, but became much more excited to see how passionate all of the writers and artists were about their individual projects.  Alex de Campi was promoting “Archie vs. Predator;” Drew Edward Johnson talked about his book entitled “Midnight Society: Black Lake;” and Rafael Albuquerque gave us all insight on his creation, “Ei8ht.”

Writer Paul Cornell and artist Tony Parker were also part of this panel.  When Paul Cornell start to talk about his book, it felt like everyone’s ears perked up.  He spoke with such passion and energy.  I figuratively thought he was going to jump out of his skin explaining the premise to “This Damned Band.”  I had to know more.  I listened to Paul talk about how this story takes place in the 1970s and centers around a rock band on tour.  He talked of myths that rock bands from the 1970s worshipped the devil but the difference is, this band does! 

Tony Parker, the artist for “This Damned Band,” was able to give more insight and what he used as inspiration for the drawing style of the comic book.  The cover art actually look like tour poster.  There are very psychedelic themes used in this book as there are stage shows, drug use, dealings with the devil and more.  Tony said he had never, “…drawn so much coke” in his life.  Sold.  Just take my money now please.

Unfortunately for the attendees of the Dark Horse Panel at Phoenix ComiCon, “This Damned Band” was not available.  That changed this week.

I made sure “This Damned Band” was in my pull box at my local comic book shop.  I just got done reading it and so far so good.  It’s a nice introduction into the characters as it starts out like a documentary.  You get to see the band on stage, backstage and also get to see what they’re really into.  This is for adults only as it is about a 1970s rock band that meets the devil.  Sex, drugs, rock n roll, and some crazy artwork when the mushrooms kick in(in the book, not mine).

“This Damned Band” is going to be a 6 issue run and I would highly recommend picking them up right away as I saw the shop I was at had sold out of their copies of #1.  Don’t wait for the trade paperbacks either.  This does not actually help the artists and writers get more work right away.  Support comic book creators by buying the comics on their initial run.  Okay, I’ll stop preaching.  Go read “This Damned Band!”

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