Thursday, October 15, 2015

Arrow Review: Season 4 Episode 2 "The Candidate"

Arrow Season 4 Episode 2
“The Candidate” 

The Green Arrow and Speedy try to protect an old Queen family friend, Jessica Danforth, when she decides to run for mayor. Meanwhile, Thea begins to exhibit effects from the Lazarus Pit; and Felicity faces a tough business decision and looks to one of her employees, Curtis Holt, for help.
Episode 2 starts off with Team Arrow battling Damien Darhk’s army of ghost. This is a nice change of pace for the show, it seems like we will get a lot more than the usual half of a season with the main villain. As the title of the episode state we are introduce to Jessica Danforth who declares she is running for mayor, Due to her choice to run for Mayor we are introduced for the first time to Anarky who was hired by Darhk to prevent Danforth from becoming Mayor of Star City. I’m personally excited to see that the creators of Arrow have brought a villain who isn’t tied to the main storyline, we haven’t had this since season two with Vertigo.

Obviously this wouldn’t be an episode of arrow without multiple storylines being played out through out every show, Which brings us to Diggle who seems to have taken the mantle of moody hero that Oliver left behind after last season, he decides to share with Laurel that he has spent the better part of the last two years searching for his brother’s killer in secret and it might be tied to Damien Darhk’s H.I.V.E. Back at Palmer Technologies Felicity is introduce to Curtis Holt AKA Mr. Terrific, its exciting to see the writer’s of Arrow get the chance to bring to life more of the DC Universe’s heroes I just wonder when or if we will get to see Mr. Terrific in action. I know with every new character who is brought into the show the writers seem to introduce them without any issue, even Ray Palmer was done in such a terrific way it allowed me to forget they casted “The Show Killer” Brandon Routh.

Finally Oliver has to address the issue with Thea and her rage which stems from the effect of being brought back to life from the Lazarus Pit. This obviously causes Laurel to come to the conclusion the pit can be beneficial to her as well, and with the final scene of Episode two we see that Thea and Laurel have dug up the grave belonging to Sarah Lance…….Who is ready for “Legends of Tomorrow”?

Arrow is finally back to making me wish this was a Netflix show, I am left wondering why DC would make us actually wait another week. There is so much going on and so much anticipation for each character new and old, We see that Oliver will be running for Mayor, this will definitely have an impact on Team Arrow as will the actions of Thea and Laurel. We know that Sarah will be back but how will this affect the team? We were introduce to Mr. Terrific aka Curtis Holt, will we see him in action or will he just be a supporting character for Felicity? The one thing we can be assured of is this season will be based in the mystical realm and you all know what that means…….CONSTANTINE. This season just might be the Comicbook Nerds wet dream. 

Episode Two is a definite Two Thumbs Up.

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