Thursday, October 29, 2015

Arrow Review: Season 4 Episode 4 "Beyond Redemption"

Arrow Season 4 Episode 4
“Beyond Redemption”

Laurel must deal with the repercussions of taking Sara to Nanda Parbat. Meanwhile, Oliver asks Captain Lance for a favor and while he's not surprised at the response, he is surprised at what he finds out next

Much like this weeks episode of The Flash, Arrow used this show in order to advance many of the other storylines although not with the same effectiveness of The Flash. Laurel decided to let Captain Lance know Sara was alive. As much as this story should be bigger, it seems as if the creative team has decided episode 5 will be the full dive into Sara, and I know its every week I bring this up (I’m just that excited for the show) but we will finally see the appearance of Constantine to help with the these issues. In many ways this was the Captain Lance episode, he not only had to deal with the return of Sara and his issue with the choice Laurel made to resurrect her sister, but we finally got the come to Jesus talk from Oliver. (This was 3 years in the making) Did anyone else really enjoy the interaction between Oliver and Lance? It was a true moment which brought the best out in both characters. It might have been the best scene with Captain Lance since season 2’s prison hospital bed scene and finally returned Lance to the side of Team Arrow. At the end we see Oliver ask that the Captain help with the problem of Damien Darhk after learning of the Captain alliance. 

Also this week Oliver decided to reveal his plans to run for Mayor of Star City. This was obviously met with mix emotions….okay maybe more so met with a laugh. With the revelation of becoming mayor we are introduce to the new “Arrow Cave”, it seems each season we get a new upgrade to the teams hide out with this one being more in line with what we see at STAR Labs, which make sense since we learn Cisco helped put together the new hide out. Got to love those little Easter eggs.

This week also dove more into the Ray Palmer “Death” from season 3, Curtis Holt has been working on the issue Felicity has had with her phone. This reveals there is a message of some kind for Felicity. Not sure what the writers are doing with this story, as its seems to be hinting at the same love triangle from the last season. I personally hope this isn’t the case, I don’t think we need this as the first few episode have been so much better with out the constant attention to the love issues of Felicity. Hopefully for sake of Ray Palmer and his character, This is more about bring him back than anything else.

Not every week can be a home run, and this week was definitely used to help with all the other character outside of Oliver. A positive from this week is Oliver has finally turned that corner and became a leader of the team rather than the loner who just gives out orders. One minor disappointment from this episode, we learned that the creative team still can’t get the “Canary Cry” to look right. I don’t think we have seen it have any effect outside the first time Laurel used it.

For the first time this season I give Arrow a one Thumbs up. Please leave your thoughts on the episode below.


  1. I liked Arrow better than Flash this week.

  2. And I really liked the Neal Adams reference. Super cool!!!