Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Comic Book Review: Darth Vader #12 - Marvel Comics (2015)

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Salvador Larroca

Darth Vader is in a bit of a pickle as his secret accomplice Aphra is very close to being captured by the Empire.  A change in the relationship between Vader and Inspector Thanoth may change peoples' perspective over who has really been spying on Darth Vader.

"Darth Vader" as a comic book continues to impress me.  A dozen issues in every issue has had my attention in some way, shape or form.  Aphra is a great character along with her bloodthirsty droid companions.  Vader keeping his secret hunt for the boy that blew up the Death Star has had all the twists and turns that you could hope for in a story.

This story will be continued in the first issue of "Vader Down" and then continues back in the regular "Darth Vader" series as well as the "Star Wars" series.  I'll do my best to keep up and attempt to get these scheduled reviews to coincide with what is happening story-wise.

"Darth Vader" #12  is available in comic book shops now with a cover price of $3.99.

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