Monday, November 16, 2015

Comic Book Review: Doctor Strange #2 - Marvel

“Doctor Strange”  Issue #2
Written By: Jason Aaron
Art By: Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend, Al Vey and Mark Irwin

The issue begins with Doctor Strange battling the bizarre creature growing out of the young librarians head in the last issue. Peculiar magic is at play right now and Wong and Strange are set on trying to discover where these unfamiliar magics originated and why his magic incantations are useless. Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme takes the young woman on a tour through the Sanctum Sanctorum to find the creatures and research spells to defeat them when it is revealed to Strange what he must do in order to stop these magical monsters. However, unbeknownst to Doctor Strange and company danger still lurks in the shadows of other realms. When this danger will eventually reveal itself is to be determined, but our Sorcerer Supreme will have his hands full, I’m sure.

I can’t even begin to adequately express how much I am loving this new run on Doctor Strange. Jason Aaron is already one of my favorite writers around right now and add that to the unique stylings in art and color and what an impressive two issues. This is Doctor Strange like I’ve not read before and what a fantastic time. He’s a confident character but he’s more down-to-earth and relatable for Sorcerer Supreme. He’s noticeably different than Doctor Strange of issues past and it works well.

The journey through Sanctum Sanctorum is fascinating. The way this new Doctor Strange lives in the bizarre and peculiar with such ease and comfort is quite entertaining and at times humorous. The single panel dealing with the snakes gave me a laugh, for example. Every room is a new bizarre reality that has unique characteristics that, as the Doctor warns, could make you go mad. It feels like the Sanctum will be a character unto itself and I’m perfectly happy with that.

This issue is $3.99 and considering it’s part of the “All New, All Different” Marvel comic runs right now, it’s quite the steal. My initial concern was that it would be much pricier but this price point doesn’t quell my anticipation at all for the next issue, or the one after that, or that. If you’re looking for something different from Marvel, Doctor Strange is it. 

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