Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Comic Book Review - This Damned Band #3 - Dark Horse Comics

Written by: Paul Cornell
Art by Tony Parker

The band, Motherfather, is now in France set to record.  It's believed the house is haunted and there are many a strange things going on.  Drama ensues as there's a missing groupie and unfortunate deaths that occur.  If you haven't read issues one or two, don't start at three.  With that said, go out and buy them.  Paul Cornell is weaving a masterful tale of a band that has a documentary crew following them. 

This issue continues the story, now in France and there's plenty going on.  I'll attempt to stay as spoiler free as I can for this review.  I enjoyed seeing the unraveling of emotions from many of the characters.  Things are getting very close that proverbial breaking point within many of the relationships.  One of the children has become quite the artist with his chalk as well which brought upon some disturbing results.  Cryptic enough?  Go out and get this series!

This is where I'm going to get to Tony Parker's art.  This Damned Band is not only amazingly written, they also found the most complimentary artist for this series.  Parker is doing some incredible things with the backgrounds in This Damned Band.  He isn't taking it easy on himself by any means as he draws the many different rooms and corridors of this French mansion.  Every panel is taken care of with such artistic precision.  

If you haven't figured it out yet, I highly recommend This Damned Band.  

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