Sunday, November 29, 2015

Creed: Box Office Review

Ring the bell and jump into the ring with “Creed” because this film is a knock out good time. The movie stays true to the underdog story that is the Rocky franchise. If you find yourself looking for a film that will make you believe you’re watching a championship fight, this is it. The characters are believable and the story makes sense which was a relief. There was a reason to believe that this film had the potential to disappoint and fortunately for everyone who enjoyed it, that was not the case. A bit slow occasionally and a longer run time but worth the theater viewing.

The film stars Michael B Jordan who plays “Adonis Creed”, the son of Apollo Creed from the very first Rocky. If you are unfamiliar with Michael B Jordan I would recommend you go back and watch some of his earlier films. This is a young up and coming talent and his performance in this movie captured moments so splendidly you believe his passion is real. You believe that he was born to fight, born to win. The relationship he enjoys with Sylvester Stallone is endearing.

Stallone plays the retired boxer and restaurant owner, Rocky Balboa. When we meet Rocky we see he’s enjoying the life of a restauranteur in his neighborhood. He’s still got the same old Rocky attitude but he’s older now, more patient and wiser. The time we spend with Rocky on screen is a treat and the hardship that falls upon him really shows what a fighter he still is.

The mentor/mentee relationship between Adonis and Rocky is the main character study of the film and it works. Real life relationships aren’t always perfect and this film doesn’t paint an inaccurate portrait of how the real world works. It’s genuine. It’s raw. And occasionally the writing provides a laugh or two that lightens the overall mood present throughout “Creed.” Even the hospital training sessions show their dedication to each other, the goal and striving to become more.

Ryan Coogler also needs to be mentioned for his directing and screenplay. He’s the man behind the camera and once again he delivers a movie worth our time. His ability to deliver this story and all the characters is fantastic. My only criticism, if it’s that at all, is the film could’ve been shorter. I believe it would’ve been just as entertaining and impacting. Reducing the training montages would be the first place to cut time. Everyone knows that to be a boxer you need to train. Spending as much time as he did on the training montages felt unnecessary. This might have helped with keeping the pace of the film as well. We get so invested in the characters and then the montages happen and we watch him train while Rocky and team shout at him and encourage his progress. Not a lot to digest except there’s a lot of training on screen and Michael B Jordan is in reality as fit as he appears in this film.

“Creed” is in theaters now! I give this film the championship belt and pop bottles to its success. This is a great film to enjoy while in theaters and it even has date potential. So if you find yourself looking for films to see on a date, consider this movie. It lives up to the franchise reputation and provides a fresh story to an already excellent series.

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