Sunday, November 1, 2015

Original Comic Book: Blasto the Clown - Issue 1 - Blasto Begins

Blasto the Clown is a book from the mind of Kevin Moyers by way of very odd circumstances.

Blasto was a character conceived for another friend, Jeff, to play in real life.  He was to be a clown for a fart fetish video.  Page two was basically shout out to the origin.  The video never happened but the creative, or twisted rather, minds of Abnormal Entertainment had other plans for a face painted hero.

One night, during a recording of Maskerpiece Theatre, Kevin Moyers said to me he had the perfect project to work on with me.  He said it was about a farting clown named Blasto and that was all I needed to hear.  We met up one day and after a few(okay, many) beers and after three quarters of the day wasted, we came up with the first issue of Blasto the Clown.  Kevin already had the origin in mind, we just needed a good way to showcase his newly found "power."

This was a great project for me to immerse myself in.  I have always enjoyed drawing comic books and this gave me an outlet.  I actually left my full time job to work on this, and other projects.  We were able to unveil Blasto at Phoenix ComiCon as a short film, you know, because we added voices and sound effects to it.  The pages were done in pencil and ink with the colors added digitally.  The cover, an homage to Marvel's Amazing Fantasy #15, was all done digitally.

Okay, I'm done yapping, here's Blasto Begins!

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