Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Binge Watcher Review: Elementary

Staring: Johnny Lee Miller & Lucy Liu

This is a modern day take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Classic character Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock leaves present-day London for Manhattan after a stint in rehab. Once in New York, Sherlock takes back up with consulting for the police with his new sober companion Dr. Joan Watson.

The Good:
If you are at all a fan of Sherlock Holmes you will enjoy this adaptation. Its an interesting take having Holmes in New York, this has opened the show up to so many new possibilities with out having the need to tie to the original stories. Each week there is a new mystery which needs solving while the show still runs with an over all story line. Also many may dislike the change from Dr. John Watson into a Female; however the switch has worked and much of that is to the credit of Lucy Liu. The chemistry between Sherlock and Joan from protégée into partner through the three season is what keeps the show interesting. 

The Bad:
The liberties the creators took with he characters can be frustrating, as much as I have enjoyed the switch from John to Joan its still hard to wrap once head around. The change which I dislike the most is with James moriarty being made into Jamie Moriarty. This frustration is more evident due the writers making Moriarty as Ilene Adler. After watching the show through the first three season I understand the change however the creators missed out on a chance to have two great character instead of just one. I am also a little disappointed that we don’t get 221B Baker Street, the famous home of Sherlock Holmes. Instead we only get the occasional reference and one episode which they visited London.

Finally Thoughts:
Johnny Lee Miller is awesome as Sherlock Holmes, he has made this character so much better to enjoy. Is he Benedict Cumberbatch….No But we shouldn’t compare to BBC version, it is still better. However if you need a Sherlock Fix, Elementary is a great choice. Like many shows today, the soundtrack absolutly enhances the show especially with the music selected for the last scene every episode.

Give Elementary a Try, its currently on Hulu and its definitely worth some binge watching time.

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