Thursday, December 24, 2015

Comic Book Review: This Damned Band #5 - Dark Horse Comics (2015)

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Tony Parker
Colors by Lover Kindzierski

The band is on their way to a huge stadium show in Texas.  The mystery of why so many groupies have left the band or have gone missing is still looming.  A lot is happening and a big reveal at he end!

This Damned Band is not written the way a lot of comic books are.  A documentary crew is following the exploits of the group as they go on tour, hang with groupies and do hallucinogenic drugs and seeing the devil.  Those sentences were just in case you haven't been keeping up on this series.  If you haven't, I recommend that you get yourself over to your local comic book shop and pick up these five issues before the sixth and final comic book comes out.

The characters are definitely on edge in this issue.  With the missing groupies, with the band playing what might be their final show together and with the potential sacrifice at this concert...  Okay, I might be giving too much away there.  Paul Cornell is building up something big with this issue, especially with the aforementioned reveal at the end of this issue.

How cool is the cover to this book?  Actually all covers have been awesome as they are reminiscent of rock concert posters.  I like how this particular cover prominently displays "This Damned Band" and includes the writer, artist and colorist as the opening act.  Ticket price is the cost of the comic book.

Tony Parker and Lovern Kindzierski are working like a super-team in this series.  Parker is putting so much into every panel yet making it look effortless.  There is so much detail in the backgrounds but none of it feels overly "busy."  This can be a tough task as you want detailed artwork but you also want the focus of the panel to be in the right place.  Tony Parker has been absolutely stellar in that department.  If that wasn't incredible enough, Lovern Kindzierski adds colors that work page after page.  The colors add a wonderful amount of detail to Parker's work.  Look at the paisley dress worn by the Alice.  Absolutely remarkable.

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