Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Inhumans - Issue 1 - All New All Different Marvel - Comic Book Review

Inhumans - #1 - Marvel
Written By: James Asmus & Charles Soule
Art By: Stefano Caselli & Andres Mossa

Gorgon is flying to Australia with two young Inhumans who he is also training during the flight. Upon arrival, they find the people who weren’t transformed by the Terrigen Mist are growing resentful and hateful of the NuHumans inhabiting the cities with them. We discover a rescue mission is in progress and meet some of the new leadership the Inhumans have. We also discover that not everyone who was transformed by the mist is happy about it. The issue concludes with some surprising political tactics and that the Inhumans are here to stay.

Being very unfamiliar with the Inhuman mythos I found this issue to be satisfying. I don’t know all the characters but I understand their powers and the limitations. This issue had some great art work for one battle scene where an “elemental” used her powers to fight a crowd of people. she used fire, water, wind and the earth itself to neutralize the mob. Overall, the art work was enjoyable and the story was too. 

This story deals with social commentary on accepting people who change and realizing that deep down they’re still people, just different. The political maneuvers used at the end was a nice surprise. I didn’t expect the twist and was pleased to see this story takes itself more seriously than just super powered beings living among humans. In conclusion, I enjoyed the all new all different Inhumans and am looking forward to future issues.  

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