Monday, December 21, 2015

James Bond 007 - Issue 2 - Dynamite - Comic Book Review

James Bond - Issue 2 - Dynamite
Written By:Warren Ellis
Art By: Jason Masters

Bond has landed in Berlin and is set to meet up with his team stationed there but nothing is ever as easy as it seems for James. A brief encounter with a woman in gloves nearly ends his time in Berlin but 007 proves too much for her and her efforts. Shortly after, we meet his Berlin team and the doctor who is helping MI6 and the CIA figure out the drug compounds being used and sold. With a final cut back to London we see the situation worsens back in England as the drug users experience abnormal side effects. 

This issue read just like a Bond movie would play out on screen. Almost immediate action sequences with witty banter and some mild seduction trying to take place. We see Bond handling himself in the familiar fashion that only Bond is capable of with responses that are classic him. 

This was an enjoyable read as we continue to learn about the new world that James is a part of, his view of things, and the state of MI6 and England. We are also introduced to a few new characters but there’s no telling for how long these characters will matter. 

The dialogue keeps things entertaining and the art work has me believing story boards for a Bond film would look similar. All around an enjoyable time.

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