Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Maskerpiece Theatre: Year In Review: 2015

Year In Review: 2015

2015 is coming to a close. We at Maskerpiece Theatre want to thank all of you who have come along on this journey with us. As we have grown from a site that just posted podcast which at times were challenging to listen to……Thanks to the ghost of Harold! We transformed into a site that has brought you Cosplay photo’s from different Comicons, Movie Reviews, Comicbook Reviews and Television Reviews. We hope you continue to visit us for all these and much more in 2016

Here is a look back on 2015 and the Top Ten most visited Post. Click the links to re-visit each post.

  • "If the moral compass created by your past didn't exist, who would you become? If you had no one to tell you who you were, who would you think you are?"

  • the writers for Flash always do a fantastic job of never drawing story’s out past what is necessary. This is definitely the case for this episode.”

  • First lets just say great Mid Season Finale, the type which makes you wish this show was a Netflix property and that you didn’t have to wait a month and half to see where it was going to lead.”

  • Wentworth Miller may be the best at playing Captian Cold but the original Trickster Mark Hamill is still perfect for the role of James Jesse.”

  • Every episode this season has been on point, much improved and more enjoyable. Surprisingly this may be the best season yet of Arrow”

  • This was another great episode and I am loving the crossovers. This DC Television Universe is by far the best and in my opinion is more enjoyable than what we get with Marvel.”

  • I love a good capture and escape type of story.  This is exactly that and I especially love it when science and a bit of creative trickery is used.”

  • “It's a great movie and highly recommended.  The theater experience makes it even better as you hear the cheers, oohs and ahhs.”

  • Matt Ryan once again nailed his performance and gave us the Constantine we all want.”

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