Saturday, December 12, 2015

MODOK Assassin - Issue 3 - Comic Book Review - Marvel

MODOK Assassin - #3 - Marvel
Written By: Christopher Yost
Art By: Pinna, Pallot & Rosenberg

MODOK and Lady Thor are entrenched in battle with assassins and it’s one unique attack after another and explosions galore. We see MODOKs power on full display as he defends himself and Lady Thor, his love interest. We cut to Doomgard briefly where we see Beta Ray Bill talking with Doctor Strange about the Thor’s needing the good Doctors help locating Lady Thor because Science cannot locate her and they can’t sense her anymore.  

This issue is non stop action, minus one page on Doomgard. It’s attack after explosion after attack. The art work is so colorful and spectacular that this issue is candy for your eyes. The story is minimal which is fine because the story takes place in Killville. I don’t need a lot of story as long as what story is present is entertaining, which it is. 

I was impressed with how many popular characters take residence in Killville. It was fun to see them all attacking MODOK and Lady Thor in their own unique and strategic way. The surprise ending had me smiling and saying out loud, “Yesssssss” and I’m super pumped to read the next issue. Such a delightful issue with so much action and incredible art. 

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