Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Agent Carter: Ep 1 Season 2 Recap

Season 2 begins immediately where season 1 left off. Agent Carter and the men of the SSR seem to be working strategically to capture Dottie Underwood, soviet spy. Team work prevails and Dottie is captured and brought back to SSR headquarters for detainment and interrogation. Meanwhile near Los Angeles California, newly appointed West Coast station head, Daniel Sousa has stumbled upon a most curious and chilling discovery. The decision is made to send help and Agent Carter is off to Hollywood. 

Working closely with Sousa once again Carter finds that things and people don’t function the same as in New York and a new approach and strategy must be found. Agent Carter and team are trying to solve the mystery of the freezing, glowing people when things become even more complicated. A new secret order of influential people adds further difficulties. Unbeknownst to Agent Carter, this new evil force is pulling the strings from the shadows. The team is slowly building towards a discovery when the newest member of the team finds himself in peril. With little time left, Agent Carter realizes that perhaps Jarvis was right. Maybe there isn’t a single person who can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, alone and everyone needs backup. 

I was not disappointed in the level of fun delivered in this show. It continues to exude that special charm from season 1. It’s a delight seeing Agent Carter, Sousa and Jarvis back in action. There are a few new faces as well that have promise to bring their own unique flair to the show, adding wit, laughs and ulterior motives. 

It’s clear that the special effects team is the same group as in “Agents of SHIELD” and that doesn’t bode well for this show. I do understand how Peggy Carter is part of the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) and that certain anomalies will appear that only her and her team can handle. I would prefer they not appear so fake or CGI specific. The charm of season 1 relied in part on the predominant use of practical effects (the cars exploded or caught fire, buildings blew up, guns were shot, people were punched and kicked, etc). I was not a fan of the glowing frozen people or mysterious ooze that creates black holes. It reminded me more of events I’d see in “Agents of SHIELD” and I don’t care for that show, at all.

I’m hoping as this season continues we will see a departure from the bizarre and a return to practical. I do enjoy the science fiction and the bizarre however I did not believe they were well placed in this premier episode. I want this show to maintain it’s charm and barely, if at all, connect to that unimaginative and poorly written show, “Agents of SHIELD”. This show can stand on its own as it proved in season 1. It doesn’t need to connect to the other show. There are decades of time and stories to join with before the events of that other show occur. Stay away from what doesn’t work and get back to what delights and entertains me and everyone who agrees. 

I’m not giving up on Agent Carter and I hope you don’t either. We have a few more episodes of possible redemption. I have faith that when Peggy Carter saves the day, she will also save the show.

PS: I did enjoy, more than I probably should have, the scenes where Jarvis was dealing with or chasing the pink Flamingo.

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