Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Black Canary - Issue 6 - Comic Book Review (DC)

Black Canary - #6 - DC
Written By: Brenden Fletcher
Art By: Annie Wu & Lee Loughridge

The battle of the bands has begun and Dinah has decided that her and the girls need to leave because the situation is becoming all too dangerous. The girls are in the dressing room getting ready to depart when Ditto has left a peculiar message for the girls, which raises even more questions about her and her background. Dinah decides that it’s now or never and they change their minds about leaving and head towards the stage to battle Bo and her band in head to head musical combat. Bo’s band is not just a band of musicians but something far more dangerous. Trouble ensues and Dinah and the girls are taken away to Gotham to meet with the head of the record label. The head of the label is strange but not a stranger to Dinah and the character hiding behind the door might be incredibly shocking for Dinah to see. 

I enjoyed the colors used in this issue to help tell the story. The colors weren’t just there to show the clothes and scenery, it helped detail the action sequences. The visual story that was painted using the reds and blues was spectacular. The cross between when the situation escalated and the color orange used to tell the reader it is a calm moment was a delight. Visually, this was stunning issue.

The story continues to build and tension continues to mount for Dinah, Ditto and the girls. After 6 issues this is officially a slow burn story that enjoys taking its time detailing the characters, the plot, the mystery and struggles. There’s great attention paid to who the main characters are and the supporting cast is consistent and non-invasive. They provide subtle adjustments to the story that feel natural and never call unnecessary attention to themselves over the plot of the issue. Overall, this is building into a fabulous series and it continues to entertain.  

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