Thursday, January 21, 2016

Comic Book Review: Judge Dredd #1 - IDW Publishing (2015)

Written by Ulises Farinas & Erick Frietas
Art by Dan McDaid

Judge Dredd finds himself in a lush green landscape.  The air is fresh and plant life is in abundance.  No city and no vehicles.  He ventures off to find out where he is and finds people that are doing the thing he is against: breaking the law.

Judge Dredd is off to an unexpected start which is not necessarily a bad thing.  The book keeps you wondering about what is happening and only revealing enough to make you want to read the next issue.  The characters that Dredd meets totally make this book.  Children that he has apparently arrested constantly tell jokes and hilariously get his name wrong.  I hope we don't lose these characters too early in this series.

The art looks great in this book a well.  The wild and absurd violence is captured very well by artist Dan McDaid.  It should be interesting to see what he is needing to draw next.

I received the first issue of Judge Dredd with an exclusive variant cover in the Comic Block here.
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