Thursday, January 28, 2016

Invincible Iron Man - Issue 5 - Comic Book Review

Invincible Iron Man - #5 - Marvel
Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: David Marquez and Justin Ponsor

Iron Man and Doctor Doom are engaged in a battle of combined science and magic as Madam Masque attempts to kill them both. A sudden surprise attack by Mary Jane Watson turns the tide of battle in favor of Iron Man and Doom. After creative, collaborative and intelligent tactics combined Madam Masque is stopped and Doctor Strange arrives to carry her off to be healed and handed over to SHIELD. Tony offers Mary Jane Watson a job at Stark Industry and the decision to move from Chicago back to New York must be made, soon.

If the series finished with this issue I would be satisfied as a reader. The 5 issues written so far have been creatively, artistically and intelligently crafted. Doctor Doom and Iron Man fighting side-by-side to stop Madam Masque was a visual treat. Hearing the A.I. Friday reminding Tony he keeps monologuing to villains and then Doom telling Tony he’s talking to much was hilarious in these issues. 

This issue didn’t really add much to the story however it felt like it wrapped up one chapter nicely. We still don’t know what Doctor Doom is up to or why he is able to appear as he does. Doctor Strange has provided a curious theory but even the Doctor acknowledges that Doom is powerful enough to hide his intentions from him. This issue literally feels like the next issue will be a new mystical or demonic struggle and Doom will be waiting for the right time to appear. Hopefully, Iron Man returns to being the Futurist he knows he can be. Fingers crossed Doctor Strange is never too far away either. 

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