Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sherlock Holmes: The Five Napoleons - #1 - Comic Book Review

Sherlock Holmes: Steam Detective “The Five Napoleons”- #1 - Antarctic Press
Written By: David Hutchison
Art By: David Hutchison

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are busy in Londinium (1891) tracking down a murderer who has an usual habit of destroying items that resemble Napoleon Bonaparte. While on the case, Holmes solves an additional mystery that Scotland Yard was working and it’s soon discovered that things are much worse than originally thought. Sherlock solves the mystery leading them into almost certain doom however with the help of Scotland Yards manpower and artillery the worlds greatest detective and Dr Watson live to solve another case, on another day. 

I’m not familiar with the steampunk movement however I know it when I see it. So, I wasn’t entirely confused by the visual concept of a steampunk Sherlock Holmes story and found myself intrigued more than anything at this issues possibilities. 

Considering the writer of the issue was also the artist I was quite impressed. The dialogue was direct and to the point. It was concise and appropriate for Sherlock and cast. It read like the beloved characters we are all familiar with and that was a relief. David did a nice job writing this story and his language enhanced the story.

The issue is black, white and gray only. David did great work on using shadows and lighting to create depth in each panel bringing a 3-dimensional look to what otherwise could’ve been a flat black and white look. 

Overall, I enjoyed this issue. It’s well written and drawn. It reads smoothly and is visually engaging. I’m looking forward to more issues by David Hutchison. 

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