Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Supergirl Review: Season 1 Episode 9 "Blood Bonds"

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 9
“Blood Bonds”

When Director Henshaw is taken prisoner by Non, Kara searches for a way to rescue him, all while refuting Cat Grant’s claims that she is Supergirl.

While it was a shorter than usual mid-season hiatus, Suprgirl is back. We pick up were we left off, Henshaw has been taken and Kara now needs to find a way to rescue him. This takes an emotion toll on Kara as she learns more about her mother from the point of view of her Aunt Astra. We see this struggle within trying to determine to side with her blood or with the humans. The battle becomes worse when General Lane comes to over see the DEO and decides to take matters into his own hands by torturing Astra with Kryptonite for information on Hanks location. By the end of the episode Kara determines the only way to recover Hank is to agree the the swap of prisoners which Non demanded.

Also through out this episode Cat Grant keeps pushing Kara on her being Supergirl. Obviously Kara keeps denying these claims. Once Hank is rescued Kara finds out that he is J’onn J’onzz and uses his powers to convince Cat that she isn’t Supergirl. At the end we see Lord enter a secured room where he is holding a very injured woman, when her eyes opened they are completely blacked out, is this a Bizarro Supergirl?

Final Thoughts:
So I am not sure how I feel about this episode, the show is definitely improving but out of all the reveals of her true identity I was most excited and approved of Cat Grant learning Kara was Supergirl. Now the show has officially back tracked on this reveal and resets what had been a great growing relationship between the two. The other aspect which disappointed me is how many Kryptonians there seems to be, I don’t like the idea that there is more than 20 and it seems a little unbelievable that Supergirl will be able to battle all of them and win. She will need to have some help…Maybe from a certain cousin? 

On a positive note I am glad the writers decided to move forward with Kara learning of Hank Henshaw’s real identity so fast, this is a positive for the show and will hopefully allow us more opportunities to see Martian Manhunter. I also still enjoy the idea of Clark messaging Kara and having that little interaction (why is it ever time I see that interaction I keep Picturing Dean Cain as Clark Kent?) I still feel that Superman will have to show up at some point. This show doesn’t seem to be convincing me otherwise. 

In all this was a good episode however I feel it took a few steps back for that I give this episode One Thumbs Up. Let us know what your thoughts of the show were and leave your comments below.  

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