Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Binge Watcher Review: Galavant Season One

Galavant (Season One)
Starring: Joshua Sasse, Timothy Omundson, Vinnie Jones, Mallory Jansen, Karen David, Luke Youngblood

The adventures of Galavant, a dashing hero who is determined to reclaim his reputation and his “Happily Ever After” by going after the evil King Richard, who ruined it the moment he stole the love of Galavant’s life, Madalena.

The Good:
The Acting, The Singing, The Writing, Everything about this show is excellent from Timothy Omundson to Joshua Sasse. Each Actor is on point, and even though its not needed there are some great guest appearances by actors such as John Stamos, Weird Al Yankovic, and Ricky Gervais

The Bad:
This might be the only time I do this but I find nothing wrong with this show. 

Final Thoughts:
This is Disney for Adults in the best way possible. The songs are cheesy enough to be great and the show reminds me a lot of Monty Python and Holy Grail. The show in itself does not take itself seriously as seen with the last episode of the season while during the final song it makes fun of its self with a dig that all the singing possibly killing the nelson ratings. 

King Richard is played by the great Timothy Omundson, if you have seen psych you will understand why he is so great. His Henchman/Best friend is the Vinnie Jones, this role is definitely outside his normal role of bad ass bad guy which I believe make his appearance in the show that much better. But the star of the show is Joshua Sasse who plays the lead character of Galavant. 

Some of the moment that really sell this show is every time Galavant misses the opportunity to be the hero in order to proclaim his intentions of saving the day. Just Awesome. Than if that want enough there is the drunk song between King Richard and Galavant that really brings the show home for me.

If it wasn’t obvious with the review I definitely give this show Two Thumbs Up and if you have watched yet, check out Hulu for Season One while its still up. Let us know what your thoughts of the show and leave a comment below. 

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