Friday, January 15, 2016

The Twilight Children - Issue 1 - Comic Book Reviews

The Twilight Children - #1 - Vertigo
Written By: Gilbert Hernandez
Art By: Darwin Cooke & Dave Stewart

In a sea side town, a curious cast of characters, who already lead questionable lives, are being visited by glowing white orbs. The mysterious orbs appear and vanish without warning leaving everyone, including a scientist, curious to their purpose and meaning. A group of children discover one and the result is devastating to the town and tragic for the kids. While trying to figure out these strange occurrences the town drunk decides to investigate matters and stumbles upon something, someone, who might provide the answers he seeks. 

Wow. Just wow. This story had me hooked from page one. The characters in this town are worthy of stories of their own. Each one has some mystery, questionable morals, a regretful past, arrogance, determination. It’s all here. The people in this town are crazy entertaining. The writing isn’t complicated and the lines deliver just enough to create the persona’s unique to each characters in this story. Incredible.

The art work in this issue is appropriate and enjoyable. It’s a small town, with simple living accommodations and sea side style architecture. The visual representation of the town helps develop the idea of this town and the complexities of its citizens. The art enhanced the story and elevated the enjoyment factor while reading. 

Overall, this first issue was spectacular. Go pick this up and enjoy it for yourself. It’s worth the $4.99 price point and I can’t wait for the second issue. There is more than enough for any reader and it’s worth the time to read and cost to buy. 

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