Friday, February 5, 2016

Scarlet Witch - Issue 2 - Comic Book Review

Scarlet Witch - #2 - Marvel
Written By: James Robinson
Art By: Marco Rudy

Wanda is still searching for answers regarding the mysterious feeling she has that witch crafts energies feel broken. Her investigation takes her to Santorini Greece where she seeks the wisdom of the goddess Hekate. It’s revealed that the force plaguing the city at night is an ancient Minotaur that is cloaked in magic. Wanda agrees to stop this mythological beast and Hakate will owe her a favor for the help. All is not revealed and more questions begin to surface for the Scarlet Witch as she discovers that magic has its cost and someone always has to pay the price. 

Two issues in and this series is incredible. The story, the characters and holy goodness the art work. I had no clue when I spontaneously chose to read the first issue last month what enjoyment I would get reading this series. I’m very pleased that I have this title in my pull box at one of the local comic stores I frequent. 

There isn’t a strong flow regarding the story yet and I believe that it’s intentional. I don’t feel James Robinson is trying to figure this story out as he writes. I do feel that he is writing this story so we, the readers, get a sense of the story at the same pace as the protagonist, Wanda Maximoff. I could be wrong but I am trusting that after a few issues this story will tie together and flow as beautifully as the art on each page of these two issues. I’m enjoying the characters and the unpredictable appearances of Agatha are priceless. 

I really can’t say enough about the art work in this issue. Marco Rudy is pure talent. Every page looks like an oil painting that deserves to be hung on walls in art museums for a popular culture section. I took a photo of one page and sent it to the Masterpiece Theatre contributors because I was enthralled with its look, color and design. It’s the image below. Go read this series!

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