Monday, February 22, 2016

Supergirl Review: Season 1 Episode 14 "Truth, Justice, and the American Way"

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14
“Truth, Justice, and the American Way”

Kara battles the Master Jailer while dealing with a second assistant at CatCo and disagreeing with James over the DEO’s methods.

While grieving with over her Aunt’s death, Kara is having issue with Hank and her belief of his involvement with Astra’s death. The stress isn’t just with the DEO but at CatCo where Cat has hired a second assistant Siobhan Smythe. 

Also during this episode, Kara and the DEO are dealing with another Alien, one that is tracking down former prisoners of Fort Roz and Killing them. Before being captured by the Master Jailer, Kara was in a disagreement with Jimmy over the unlawful imprisonment of Maxwell Lord. Kara and another prisoner are finally rescued by Alex, but before the end of the episode Kara tells Hank that she doesn’t know when she can work with him again.

Final Thoughts:
First lets get some of the fun little teases that the show seemed to deliver, whether they were actual easter eggs or just mis-directs remains to be seen but here are the two that I saw from tonights episode. During a conversation between Alex and Hank they make mention of a Interstellar Bounty Hunter being in town…..Could this be a reference to Lobo? Lets hope so. The second was even more subtle, but when Kara show up for the first showdown with the Master Jailer she mentions that she thought Masks were big in that other City. Could this be a confirmation of the shared universe between Supergirl, Flash and Arrow? 

Ok now my thoughts on the show itself, this was the first episode all season that I enjoyed Jimmy Olsen. Its funny but it only took a moody Kara to cause my enjoyment level of this character to increase from a zero to maybe a 3. The episode itself focus more on drama and character development than the action itself. I think we are finally seeing some of the budget restraints of a television finally taking its toll on a Cgi heavy show. 

Even with some of the choppy editing and lack of actual action, and some strange fight scenes I give this episode Two Thumbs Up. Let us know what your thoughts of the episode were and leave your comments below.

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1 comment:

  1. HAVE COSTUME WILL TRAVEL; and fortunately it's about 'show' more than about imagination. Laura Vandevort's Kara was far from broad fanboy satisfaction with "Smallville's" attempt at turning a page to finally present something that resembles a comic book superhero. And they still got it wrong.

    I'll put Melissa Benoist up against her CW rival, and take Melissa, not doing a feat, over Laura everytime.
    The costume wearing heroine is a big part of this show's success, and the more I see Supergirl juggling relatable emotions, gives to gravitas about the character and her support group, though if the producers are readers of feedback (and I generally hope they are), then I'd be reluctant to have them read my last statement. MORE ACTION, PLEASE!!!

    As for the episode; I'm an advocate for great character development and I have taken to some of the chemistry, especially that of Kara and Jimmy, and are all for the interracial aspects mainly because it's virtually a non-issue as it should be of two people of whom are strongly attracted to one another.

    The sisterly bond (because they're sisters by adoption) is a great twist to have in preparing our heroine to take flight, in light of her sister's stealthy occupation. One can be happy with the idea that Supergirl's loyalty is somewhat fragile because of the very tangible memory of her perished loved ones, which will further bring an intrigue that's unmatched, even by "Agents Of Shield" and it's supposed strength of 'opposing sides' and who to trust. The Kryptonians are visually dialed back and simply scaled for the beginnings of world threat, that I'm sure are far more encompassing than the budget that's allowed for this series.

    But I think that almost all of the puzzle pieces have been glanced at many times about the past episodes, and J'onn's friendship and association with Superman is a far cry from never having expectations because the producers made it clear from the beginning that there would be no costume, or no flying like the consensus with "Smallville," where this time, that if 'it' or anyone's been mentioned, then we can and should expect to see it happen.

    Three out of five 'thumbs up' here.������