Thursday, February 11, 2016

Supernatural Review: "Love Hurts"

Supernatural Review: Season 11 Episode 13 “Love Hurts”

Director: Philip Sgriccia

Writers: Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder

Staring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Emily Swallow, Luciana Carro, Jim Thorburn

Synopsis: Sam and Dean investigate a set of murders on Valentine’s Day and discover they are dealing with an ancient curse. Once kissed by the curse, the person is marked to die.

Review: Hello holiday themed Supernatural! Nice to see you again! All in good-natured Valentines Day fun, this episode kicks off with a babysitter’s heart getting ripped from her chest. After some convincing by Sam, Dean cleans him self up a little and the boys are on their way to work the case.  While investigating, evidence points to shapeshifter when Dean sees a video of Dan Harper ripping the girls heart out. Dan, the dad of the child the babysitter was watching and the man she is having an affair with, plays a video for Dean that makes it look like Dan is the one who ripped out the babysitters heart.  At first the boys think it’s the wife, but when she doesn’t react to silver, Dean and Sam are back to square one with no leads.

Soon things become a little more clear though, it turns out Dan’s wife, Melissa, had gotten a curse from her hair stylist. The spell curses anyone who has been kissed by the cursed person or the person who cast the spell. The worst part is the curse presents it self as the cursed persons deepest desire. Nothing like having your heart stolen by the one you love most. Such a sweet gesture on valentines day, having the one you love take your heart.  After discovering how this curse works, Dean is Dean and kisses Melissa so that he is the one that is cursed. Dean dancing in that frying pan again.

The curse appears to Dean as Amara, this will be something Dean has to get past if he is going to survive this curse. With Amara look alike doing what she can to make Dean give in so she can take his heart, he is going to have to accept some of what she is saying if Dean is going to want to beat the darkness in the end. While Dean is dealing with his reality, Sam and Melissa deal with the witch and work to destroy the heart of the curse creature. Sam, at the last possible moment mind you, stabs the heart which saves Dean mere seconds before his heart is about to be ripped from his chest.

It wouldn’t be Supernatural without the heartfelt moment between the boys. Dean tells Sam that Amara is who the curse appeared as. Sam was more than understanding, which is also nice, as they discuss how Dean feels about Amara. Reality sets in for both boys when Dean admits he isn’t sure if he is going to be able to kill Amara when it comes down to it.  It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Final Thoughts: Holiday episodes! I love Holiday episodes. The irony of having your heart ripped out by the one you love put a smile on my face. Messed up I know, whatever. This episode, even though it didn’t seem like it, will probably have way more importance for the season long arc than expected. Dean admitting his feelings to Sam revealed how important this episode was. The end of this episode was the most important part of this episode for the season. It was refreshing to see Dean open up and tell Sam the truth, rather than one of the boys lying and/or not even telling the other what is going on. How Sam responded was spot on! Kudos to the writers for not making this awkward or negative that one brother is opening up to the other. While this episode was not as comedy based as most of the holiday episodes, it was still fun to watch and try to figure out what was going on.  It will definitely be an episode I watch again.

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