Thursday, March 24, 2016

Arrow Review: Season 4 Episode 16 "Broken Hearts"

Arrow Season 4 Episode 16
“Broken Hearts”

Following the events of William’s kidnapping, Darhk has become less powerful, but carrie Cutter, A.K.A Cupid, has emerged into Star City to cause chaos on the city and the Green Arrow.

The engagement is off between Oliver and Felicity, Damien Darhk is on trial and Cupid is back in town. The only way to take Darhk down, Captain Lance will need to incriminate himself, he confesses to helping Darhk due to threats to Laurel’s life.

Meanwhile Cupid is going on a rampage, first killing a celebrity couple and than kidnapping another. This is all due to being heartbroken over the death of Deadshot, the teams only way to stop her is an uncomfortable fake wedding between Felicity and Oliver.

The end of the episode we see Felicity walk away from the team telling Oliver she is already gone, than we see Darhk in prison. Lights flickering while he puts on what looks to be a wedding band.

Final Thoughts:
These are the episodes of Arrow which really are frustrating. I am not against relationship drama, but its frustrating that this storyline has been going on for the better part of three seasons. Its time for the creators of Arrow to ask themselves the question, are they writing a show which is based off Comicbooks Characters or do they continue to want to write for “Friends”. 

I guess i am just surprised at the ability of Arrow to be such a great show and at the same time have some horrible episodes. Cupid has the ability to be a great villain but again it gets lost in the drama of Felicity and Oliver. The only way I can see them working this issue out is have Felicity have a very limited appearance in the next few episodes. Lets get back to the Arrow we all know. The only interesting take away from this episode has to be does Darhk have his powers back? The final scene somewhat suggests as much. Only time will tell.

I give this episode only One Thumbs Up, Obviously this is generous and only due to the fact that show still is Arrow. Let us know you thoughts of the episode and leave your comments below.

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