Friday, March 4, 2016

Comic Book Review: Superman: The Coming of the Supermen - DC Comics (2016)

Writer/Artist - Neal Adams

Three "Supermen" have arrived on Earth and do their part to fight off an invasion from a horde of bad guys from Apokolips led by Kalibak.  Superman is in the Middle East and meets some interesting individuals that impact his life more than he originally thought they would.

The legendary Neal Adams lends his writing and artistic talent to this six issue mini series.  The first issue is a nice introduction into what is in store for Superman.  Adams brings out the big guns from the get go with the first issue having Kalibak invade Metropolis.  Superman will have his hands full, especially with other Supermen out there and not knowing where they stand.

Neal Adams has long been a socially conscious person and I expect that this book will have hints of his thoughts on the world.  The protection of innocent people in the Middle East should be evidence of this and the interaction he has with one boy in particular should make for some interesting story telling.

The art is amazing.  Neal Adams has a style that evokes emotion in every facial expression.  There is no mistaking how the character feels when you look at their faces.  Words would not even be necessary.  It is an absolute joy to read a Neal Adams book, not only for the great writing but the art is top notch.

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