Sunday, March 6, 2016

Comic Book Review: Terra Kaiju - Rampaging Monster Comics

Story and Art by Joe Badon

A giant protector reflects on how he came to be and faces tough choice.

Joe Badon put together a pretty cool monster book with Terra Kaiju.  The story takes place during a battle with an enormous dragon but contains many flashbacks throughout to explain how this battle came to be and where our terracotta giant came from.  I saw the style of book and I was wondering if it was going to read backwards like many anime books.  It read as most American books however and the book is in the thick of the action and keeps going from there.  The end ties off well with a lesson learned.

I really like Joe Badon's art style.  It flows well and fits the story being told.  I received a few books where he lends his artistic talent from the Indy Stash subscription box(a review of the box can be viewed here).  This book has a $4.99 price tag on it, which I know I normally would have something negative to say, but I know there can be costs involved for the creators when it comes to the independent type of publishing.  With that said, support art!

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