Friday, April 15, 2016

Legends Of Tomorrow Review: Season 1 Episode 11 "The Magnificent Eight"

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 11
“The Magnificent Eight”

The Legends travel back to the Old Wild West and gain the aid of a true legend, a morally ambiguous gunslinger with a penchant for danger, Jonah Hex, Who has been battling outlaws and gangs and happens to know a thing or two about the time travel. Hex warns the legends to be extra careful in their journey to the small town of Salvation.

The team has traveled back to 1871 in efforts to hide from the Time Masters bounty hunters. While there the team goes out in the town of Salvation, where Stein gets into some trouble at a poker table and Snart steps in and kills the opposing man. The rest of the Stilwater gang takes exception and a bar fight ensues. 

The Bar fight is ended when Jonah Hex Steps in, when he confronts the team for being time travelers the team finds out this isn’t the first time Rip Hunter has crossed paths with Johan. With the town of Salvation in danger due to the Stillwater gang, Ray refuses to leave without making things right.

During the Final showdown Rip decides to step and dual with Jeb Stillwater, While Rip ends the threat for the town the team ends up coming under attack by the bounty hunters. 

Final Thoughts:
This was one of my most anticipated episode due to the inclusion of Jonah Hex. I love the idea that this these CW shows have been able to include so many different DC Comics Characters. Johnathon Schaech does a fantastic job playing Jonah. It was also interesting that Jonah and Rip had a past together and now we have an idea about why Rip’s weapon looks like a six shooter.

with each time travel, the show puts the characters into different environments and I for one love it. It give the show the excitement that I used to get while watching Quantum Leap when I was younger.  

This show didn’t really advance the story much, but this one wasn’t suppose to.  The show was for the fans of DC Comics and we were introduced to another character in Jonah Hex. I love this universe, manly due to the fact that they are doing it right. Maybe its time for Zack Snyder to take some advice from Greg Berlanti and make the movies more like the shows.

I give this episode Two Thumbs Up, let us know what your thoughts were and leave you comments below.

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