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Lucha Underground - Television Review 4/13/2016

"Three's a Crowd"

Lucha Underground is one of the greatest things to happen for fans of professional wrestling.  I'm amazed every time I watch the show and keep saying to myself, "I should do a review on this show."

Well here it is.  Season two, episode nine of this weekly episodic television program and as always, it was awesome.  It's great to hear a crowd chant, "This is awesome," and have the action be exactly that.  I'll give a run down of the matches that took place along with the backstage events and tell some of the things I liked the most.

The show opens with Dario Cueto putting together a team for the Trios Tournament.  Cueto loves unlikely teams so he puts together the team of Johnny Mundo, Taya and the man(sorry, machine) they've been embroiled in battle against, Cage.  None of the combatants like it but it's a battle for potential Lucha Underground gold so they agree.

We go to the announce team of Matt Striker and Vampiro who let us know what to expect.  I really like Matt Striker as an announcer.  His play by play has gotten much better as he has progressed in his career.  He seems to know when to talk and when to let the action speak for itself.  He also seems to have a passion that comes out when he is calling the matches.  Vampiro has been around a while and I like how Striker differs to Vampiro for expert advice.  Vampiro totally works for this team as the guy says whatever he wants.  We are also introduced to the band playing tonight, "El Conjunto Nueva Ola."  Yeah, Lucha Underground has live bands as well.  I need to get to one of these shows.

The first match of the night was Argenis vs. Killshot.  There seemed to be some feeling out early on but when these two got going it was pretty incredible.  Killshot had an amazing flip over the top rope onto Argenis on the floor.  Later in the match Argenis was able to give an arm drag off the top rope.  Killshot got the win however with a move that I'm not even sure what you would call but it was nasty!

Backstage, Dragon Azteca is talking to a woman(sorry, haven't been watching long), and they are discussing who killed their master.  She says it was the monster, who as the audience we assume is the Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto.  The woman seems to be secretly working behind the scenes and Dragon Azteca leaves.

Dario Cueto, the man in charge of Lucha Underground, is in his office with newcomer Daga.  Cueto explains to Daga that he will be wrestling Texano for one of the seven ancient Aztec medallions.  The medallions can be used as an opportunity to wrestle for the Gift of the Gods championship.

Daga vs Texano was our second match of the night and it too was fantastic.  Lots of hard hitting and high flying action.  Texano gets the win and comes away with one of the ancient Aztec medallions.

The luchador of the week is Fenix.  There is a cool video montage showing the former Lucha Underground Champion.

We are treated to a scene of another former Lucha Underground Champion, Mil Muertos who is kneeling at an alter,  Catrina is behind him and raises the former Trios Champions from beneath the Earth.  She says they seek his forgiveness and will not let him down.  We also find out that Mil Muertos will soon get a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship and it sounds like it will be next week!

The final match of the night just about left me breathless.  A first round match in the Trios Tournament.  Rey Mysterio Jr, Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca vs. Johnny Mundo, Taya and Cage.  This is such a remarkable list of names all in one match.  Rey Mysterio Jr. is the most famous luchador worldwide.  Prince Puma is the first ever Lucha Underground Champion and looks a lot like a certain King.  Dragon Azteca so far looks great in the ring.  Johnny Mundo is well known in the wrestling world, although many might know him by another last name(Nitro, Morrison).  Taya is a woman who can mix it up with the guys.  Cage is absolutely a machine and television doesn't do him justice as far as recognizing how massive he is.  I've been in the same room as him and he's huge!

The action in this match went everywhere!  Not only was the match great, but Matt Striker calling the action was superb.  How he was able to keep up with everything is beyond me.  Even Vampiro had to stop and let it be known how great Striker was.  Calling the action, interjecting humor(saying Taya looked like the lead singer of Jem and the Holograms was outrageous, truly truly outrageous).

There were so many highlights within this match it is difficult to narrow it down.  The high flying outside of the ring was excellent.  Cage, with Prince Puma laying across his shoulders and then catching Dragon Azteca who attempted a plancha off the ropes and then following up with a fallaway slam.  The finish was great with Johnny Mundo getting hit with Rey Mysterio Jr's 619, a sick DDT from Dragon Azteca and then the 630 splash off the top rope from Prince Puma.  Your winners, Rey Mysterio Jr, Dragon Azteca and Prince Puma.

This was a fantastic episode from top to bottom.  I love the fact that Lucha Underground is one hour and all of it is good.  I'm looking forward to next week.

Lucha Underground is on Wednesday nights on the El Rey Network.  Check local listings.

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