Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Supergirl Review: Season 1 Episode 20 "Better Angels"

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 20
“Better Angels”

Supergirl is forced to do battle with an unexpected enemy as she risks everything - including her life - to stop Non and Indigo from destroying everyone on Earth.

Episode starts where we left off with last, Alex going to battle with her Sister wearing the Kryptonite suite. Before she is able to do any real damage, J’onn J’onzz with Eliza Danvers is able to talk Alex out of her mind controlled state. Once she is freed from the affects of Myriad, Kara goes and gives a speech on Hope which releases the rest of National City from Myriad.

Non and Indigo are not finished, if they are not able to control the human race than they will turn Myriad into a weapon to kill everyone on planet earth off. With the chances of survival at a low, Kara decides to say her goodbyes to her friends before she and J’onn go after Indigo and Non.

After defeating both Indigo and Non, the only way to save earth is by sending Myriad into space. Unfortunately they is no returning for Supergirl, accepting the fact that she won’t return and she makes the ultimate sacrifice and takes Myriad away from earth. Fortunately Alex was able to fly the pod which brought Kara to earth in order to save her.

The Final scene of the season see’s a new pod, the same which brought Kara to Earth, crash land in National City. 

Final Thoughts:
The Season Finale may have been the most confusing episode of the season, I find that I loved and disliked it all at the same time. It carried over the great energy and feel that the last few episode have had. However at the same time felt rushed, there should have been more of a build up for the last battle with Non.

This episode really captured the best parts of the entire season, the relationship between J’onn J’onnz and Kara, Her relationship with Wynn but most of all the Relationship between Kara and Cat Grant. Calista Flockhart might have been the single best part of the season outside of the performance by Melissa Benoist. 

I am looking forward to season 2, the final episode left on an interesting cliffhanger. Who is in the pod? Will It be Superboy? I can’t wait to see, plus i am hoping the writers iron out some of the issues they had this season. I hope they take a note from the crossover episode with the Flash and make the show more light heart. We don’t need so much drama, we get enough of that with the DC Movie universe. Also they better introduce Superman at some point, stop with the teasing already.

Finally, using Charlie Puth’s song “One Call Away” was either the most brilliant choice by the creators or the cheesiest. I am still undecided on how I feel about it. Let us know what your thoughts of the of episode were and leave you comments below.

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  1. The season finale of #Supergirl, I thought, was most impressive. I look forward to an eventual second season for the show.