Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Flash Review: Season 2 Episode 17 "Flash Back"

The Flash Season 2 Episode 17
“Flash Back”

After the shocking revelation of Zoom’s real identity, Barry is more determined than ever to get back to Earth-2 to stop Zoom forever. Desperate to find a way to increase his speed, Barry decides to travel back in time and masquerade as his earlier self in order to get his arch-nemesis, Dr. Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne, to teach him how to run faster. However, things do not go as planned and Barry is stunned to face familiar foe Hartley Rathaway, as well as old friend Eddie Thane. Iris makes peace with her past in order to embrace her future.

With Barry working effortlessly trying to increase his speed, he decides that the only way to become faster is to go back in time and learn from the Reverse Flash. Things go wrong when Barry comes across a Time Wraith and shows up at the wrong time in the past.

Due to the strange behavior of Barry, Dr. Wells figures out he is from the future. While Barry is trying to convince Thawne to help him become faster, the Time Wraith attacks Star Labs. Cisco and Caitlin have to rely on Hartely who is currently being held, for help.

The end of the episode see the past Barry help Future Barry travel back to the Future where the Time Wraith followed and attacked Barry. With the timeline ultimately effected it was Hartley Rathaway who was there to save the day.

Final Thoughts:
Another great episode of The Flash, I love the time travel episodes and this one was especially great due to the fact that we got to see Future and Past Barry’s working together. We also got to see the effects of time travel effecting the timeline when Hartley was there at the end to help save Barry.

It was also great to see the return of the Eobard Thawne/Dr. Wells character return. There has been a part of me that has ultimately missed that version of Wells. 

Finally its kinda amazing how The Flash and Arrow are so different with how they have developed their leading Ladies. With Arrow, I feel ultimately I end up disliking them, where as with The Flash Iris comes across as likable. It just goes to show you how great The Flash really is.

I give this episode Two Thumbs Up, Let us know what your thoughts of the episode were and leave your comments below.

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