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WWE SmackDown April 7,2016

WWE SmackDown April 7, 2016

The Champ Roman Reigns kicks off the show, surprisingly he got a much better reception then normally does. After some good sportsman ship, AJ Styles established he is coming after the WWE World Heavyweight Title even if he has to beat The Guy to get it. It was nice to see a Roman Reigns chant during the segment. With a mic drop and a pat on the shoulder, Roman established that AJ has never beaten him and never will.

The debut of NXT talent just keeps coming and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Fresh talent coming up to the main roster is going to shake things up in a good way. The debut tonight was The Vaudevillains! I still love their entrance. They take off against Lucha Dragon. These two teams are no strangers as they had matches coming up together in NXT.  After a fun back and forth The Vaudevillains get the victory over Lucha Dragon.

Next up we’ve got Summer Rae versus Natalya with Charlotte as a guest commentator. Summer got some good spots in this match and her suplex on the outside in front of Charlotte looked great, but everything Summer dished out was was no match for the sharpshooter. Summer Rae tapped out in the end.

Rematch for the Intercontinental Championship is up next, its Zack Ryder up against The Miz… and his wife Maryse?! Nice! I’m happy to see her back if it is in this valet roll with Miz. The two Ryder versus Miz matches we have had so far have been pretty good, I would really enjoy a long story play out for these two, especially if Ryder’s Dad and Maryse stay involved.

Next up, we come back and Social Outcast is sitting on the ring apron, I’m all for Social Outcast. Even more so if it means Curtis Axel gets to wrestle more, plus these four guys just make me giggle. For the match, we’ve got Apollo Crews going up against Axel and well, to be honest, the rest of the members of Social Outcast. It is still amazing to see some of the things that Apollo can pull off for a man of his size. My fingers are crossed for a bright future for this guy! Apollo gets the win over Curtis in the end.

During an interview with Renee Young Becky Lynch is interrupted by Emma. After a few short words its clear these two will have a match here soon. I am really excited to see a match between them. Both women are able to produce great matches and have done so in the past against each other in NXT.

No for someone we didn’t get to see on Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose! He gets a great ovation like always as he comes out to the ring to face off against Tyler Breeze.  It’s clear to see that Ambrose is in the mood for a fight as he goes right to it against Breeze. Breeze is able to get a few licks in, but Ambrose ends this pretty quickly with dirty deeds. Ambrose attitude was out during the whole match and Jericho coming out a little early didn’t help things either, the look Ambrose gave Jericho as he walked passed was priceless.

For the main even for Smackdown, it’s Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens versus Cesaro and AJ Styles. Cesaro coming out in a suit and then ripping it off is just great, embracing the Swiss Superman gimmick is fantastic! Cesaro and Styles are able to get the upper hand early on Jericho, which leads to one of Jericho’s infamous temper tampers to lead into commercial break. Jericho and Owens get control just as we come back, Owens is on point with his banter throughout this whole match, including at one point when Owens tags out to Jericho he says high five. Plus, in this match we finally get some Owens vs Styles, which is a great tease for if they do a story line between just the two of them. With a nice distraction from an angry Sami Zayn, Styles is able to get the win with a roll up on Kevin Owens. The show goes off the air after officials having to separate Owens and Zayn. I’m excited to see where this goes.

Over all Smackdown was a pretty good show. Also I liked that story lines were actually reinforced rather than a bunch of random matches thrown together. Yay for using both shows to push stories. It’ll be interesting to see how some of this plays out next wee on Monday Nigh Raw.

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