Thursday, May 19, 2016

Money Monster - Box Office Review

There are times when a movie is released and it doesn’t have the best marketing. The movie going audience doesn’t know if it will be worthwhile in theaters or should be skipped until it’s available on Redbox or VOD. “Money Monster” is that film. We were treated to a few trailers but nothing that really sells the movie for what it turned out be after seeing it. So let’s dive in and take a look at 
“Money Monster” in this box office review…

We have Jodi Foster directing, George Clooney and Julie Roberts leading the film. So far we’re on pretty solid ground for expecting a film that’s both engaging and entertaining. It only builds from there. All the characters in this movie bring their own personality to this film and create a world that is both tense, humorous and human.

The story is a revenge tail. Sounds simple, I know. However, the writing in this film takes the basic concept of one man seeking revenge to something much more. I walked out of the theater pleased at how much I enjoyed the overall story and how it surprises within the basic concepts. 

The tone of the film bounces around from incredibly tense, to humorous, to personal. It’s a story written in modern time so the topics discussed are relatable because they impact our life right now. Also, the reaction to some of the events are completely modern. I was impressed with how “right now” this film felt. The writers did their part on studying modern life and implementing that into the film to really elevate this into something that is believable, assuming the events on screen happen in real life. 

“Money Monster” is in theaters now! I could write about how good the acting was but it’s George Clooney and Julia Roberts. This film is worth the big screen viewing even though it’s not a visual spectacular. The characters are developed, the story makes sense, it’s entertaining and worth the ticket price. This is a great date movie or you could spend the matinee ticket price and enjoy it. It’s gonna entertain you and surprise you. Go check it out and share your comments below. 

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