Sunday, May 22, 2016

Preacher - Television Program Review

Episode 1

I have long credited the Preacher comic book series for solidifying my love for comic books.  Creators Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon masterfully put together a story that brought comic books to a whole different level for me.  You can only imagine my excitement for the television series.

The television show version of Preacher has premiered and I'm having torn emotions about it.  As a fan of the comic book, there's a large part of me that wants something that is more true to the source material.  That did not happen in this first episode and based on the preview for the next episode(in two weeks, what's with that??).

Preacher spent much more time introducing characters as opposed to what the series will be about.  Jesse Custer, a Preacher who is having a tough time reaching his fellowship.  Cassidy, a vampire who has taken a liking to the Preacher.  Tulip, someone from the Preacher's past who definitely has a bad ass streak.  The characters seem about right, but the story is still off.  I'm interested to hear what people who haven't read the comic book series think of this show.

While the show starts off in outer space with a flying beam of light, the rest of the show takes place on Earth.  I'm hoping we get more back story on this beam of light and I hope we start seeing the places that are not on Earth.  The magic of the book series was not quite captured in the first episode.  I hope the show runners, Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, have a good plan in place or this may be a short lived series.  As it stands, it looks like this story is staying in the small Texas town of Annville rather than the Preacher going on his hunt.  I know, I'm going a little cryptic here but I know not everyone has read the comic book series.

There was a lot of good in this episode.  The violence and action was pretty awesome.  we were treated to some very gruesome scenes and I hope that continues.  Also, the introductions of the characters have happened so we don't need to go through that in the next episode.  Cassidy sometimes wears his trademark sunglasses so that part is goo(hate when he's not though).

So there's your fanboy review.  I can try to say it's a different telling of the story but Preacher isn't Batman or Captain America.  Preacher was a series unto itself and worked because of the one story told.  There weren't multiple writers and different origin stories.  Well, I guess now there is.

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