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Supernatural Reviews: Don’t Call Me Shurley & All in the Family

Supernatural: Don’t Call Me Shurley & All in the Family

Director: Don’t Call Me Shurley – Robert Singer
                 All in the Family – Thomas Wright

Writer: Don’t Call Me Shurley – Robbie Thompson
              All in the Family – Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming

Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Curtis Armstrong, Rob Benedict, Misha Collins, Emily Swallow

Doing things a little different this week, I didn’t get to watch Don’t Call Me Shurley until after I watched this week’s All in the Family. The big reveal finally happened though, during Don’t Call Me Shurley. After seasons of waiting and speculating who God would be, we come to find out Chuck is and has always been God, but please do continue to call him Chuck. Even though it has been speculated for a while now that it was possible Chuck would end up being the big man, it is nice to finally know for sure. As if being true to form, God is the main focus in both episodes, looks like the boys have to take a back seat and it works.

I’m going to focus  on Don’t Call Me Shurley first. While not your typical Supernatural episode, this one hit you right in the feels. The best parts of this episode happen to be between Metatron and Chuck. Sure there was importance to what Sam and Dean were doing, but the chemistry and tension between Chuck and Metatron was just too juicy to be ignored. Thank god so much time was given to them for this episode. (Pun intended) Sure most of it was fun and light hearted, but at the right times suddenly the tension would rise and you remember, “oh crap that’s God.” Kudos to both men for a great performance, especially for Curtis Armstrong for making Metatron seem like a likable character again. Possibly one of my favorite moments in this episode is when Chuck talks about music. I agree music probably is humanities greatest creation. Music is magic.


Like I said though, Sam and Dean’s part of the episode was important too. With an entire town falling victim to Amara’s toxic fog, Sam and Dean are forced to try to find a way to save a few people in the local Sherriff’s office.  Which they fail at miserably, even Sam falls victim to the fog. It has been made pretty obvious through out this season that Amara is a big time player, this episode proved even more of how far she can go. Plus, when Dean is left as the only one not affected by fog, it suddenly shows what Dean’s future could look like. Isolation, even if for only a moment, is a truly scary thing as it leads to Dean praying for help. After an awkward moment though, Dean prayers are answered, God saves the town.


All honesty though, the best parts really are between Chuck and Metatron. Also the choice of song to have Chuck sing “Fare Thee Well” at the end speaks volumes.  There is a possibility of foreshadowing to it. Either way Rob Benedict and Curtis Armstrong stole the show. For once Metatron is relatable for the audience in all the right ways, also this was a great way to introduce the audience to Chuck as God even if he does seem the same as before, he is so much more now.

Now for All in the Family, this was probably the best way they could start this episode. The reaction from Sam and Dean are so on point it’s priceless. You’re right Dean, “Holy crap!” Side note, yay! Kevin Tran! Now back to where I was before. Sam and Dean’s reactions were perfect. Sam tries so hard to stay calm and collected and then quickly turns into a babbling idiot, it’s so cute. Dean though, is a little more hesitant. Dean questions where has God been through all of the horrible events this earth has seen over time, that people have prayed to him, built churches for him and fought wars in his name. Chuck’s response is even better. This scene is probably one of my favorite scenes in the whole series, it is so easy to relate too, both sides are covered between both brothers. It would have been so easy to make this scene seem cheesy or unimportant, but the significance of it is so clear and personal.

The next scene is probably the most important scene of this season for Amara. Lucifer is looking much worse for wear thanks the Amara torturing him while trying to get him to reach out to God for his help. Lucifer doesn’t give in though. Lucifer points out that God created everything, but all Amara has ever wanted is nothing. Lucifer even admits that there is a chance the Amara could beat God, but at the same time admits that she will never be him. It was a short scene but it was unique in how it made Amara seem strong and then point out a weakness all at the same time.

A lot more happens in this episode, it is jam packed leading up to the last two episodes of the season. We are introduced to Donatello Redfield, who becomes the new profit. While Dean distracts Amara, the gang is able to go in and rescue Lucifer, but Metatron stays behind to give them a little more time. Which is when Amara catches on and she is pissed. God is able to get them out of her grasp and bring them to the safety. There is tension instantly between Lucifer and Chuck, but Chuck cures Lucifer of his wounds caused at the hands of Amara.

I find it amusing that even God’s Sister can’t stop fan girling over Dean. Looks like the SPN Family has a new member. The situation just makes me giggle. I want to destroy everything, except I want to make you apart of me. We will have to see how this plays out. Mostly though, I am looking forward to seeing more interactions between Chuck and Lucifer. I see some biblical family fighting in our near future!

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