Friday, June 10, 2016

Action Comics #957 - Comic Book Review

The DC powers that be decided to start Action Comics where they left off and this Rebirth series was a great place to do it. Starting with issue number 957 we are treated to a story that entertains and creates questions that might hook the readers. Let's dive in and take a look at my thoughts on "Superman Action Comics" in this comic book review.

The story starts off with Lex Luthor as the new Superman, the old Superman is dead/missing & with Luthors career as a super hero a brand new Superman appears. The aspect of this story I enjoyed was having zero reference to the previous Superman storyline and still getting enough dialogue from each character to understand what's happening in this issue. Some of the characters are just as confused as I was and that made the story even more enjoyable. The back and forth dialogue between Lex & Supes while they battled and the surprise ending had me smiling.

The art in this issue is bright and vibrant despite the fact it deals with pretty intense moments. It's what I've always heard is the difference between Gotham & Metropolis. Despite danger and mayhem, the Superman stories have historically been more colorful and lively. This issue continues to build on that aspect of the art Superman readers expect and enjoy. Even the action scenes are drawn so well that it's like watching a movie.

Overall, this was a pleasant surprise issue. I didn't know what to expect because I haven't been following the New 52 Superman storyline. I got all the information I needed and more to enjoy this story and not feel completely lost. I recommend you pick this up at your local comic book store. Tell them Maskerpiece Theatre sent you.


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