Monday, June 20, 2016

Comic Book Review: Civil War II #1 - Marvel Comics

Every summer the big two comic book companies put on some sort of comic book "event."  Marvel's entry into this foray is Civil War II and I'll admit, I was a bit hesitant on jumping on board.  I actually had issues waiting for me in my pull box at my local comic book shop but I decided to not partake after issue #0.  It wasn't because of the story being bad, it's more because Marvel charges more for comic books than other comic book companies.  I received issue #1 in my Marvel Collector's Corps subscription box and figured I should probably give it a read.

This book delivered.  It's thicker than most comic books so the $5.99 cover price, while steep, is a bit more understandable.  I'm sure this book would have been even better if I had been following the Marvel comics that coincide with it, but you get the idea pretty quick about what's going on.

Ulysses is a character that can see into the future and some feel that's a good thing while others find him dangerous.  Nobody knows him and nobody can get into his head.  Ulysses sees something coming and it turns this whole story on its head.  Lives are lost and the battle lines are about to be drawn.

The art in this book is top notch.  There is so much to enjoy whether it's the action or the expressions on heroes' faces.  This is a well crafted book.  Check out the fun cover I got with it as well(pictured).

The dialogue is good.  The younger heroes are kind of annoying but once you get Tony Stark and Carol Danvers talking, things get much better.  Lots of things are going on and it's a lot of fun.

Should you buy it?  If you like Marvel, maybe.  If you hate buying $6 comics and feel the only way to combat such atrocities is to not buy it, I say stay away.  Wait six months and read it on the Marvel Unlimited app.

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