Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Comic Book Review: The Goddamned #4 - Image Comics (2016)

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by r.m. Guera

Cain has been captured and is being crucified by Noah.  While up on the cross, Cain is having thoughts about what he should be doing with this life that won't end.  He speaks with a child that reminds him of what he needs to do.

I'm glad The Goddamned is back.  It seems like it's been a while since this book was last out so I had to jog the old memory bank to remember what was happening in this series.  It didn't take long and this book sets up the next one quite nicely.  Issue four still has the violence and cursing and plenty of blood but you can see that there will be plenty more in the upcoming issues.

r.m. Guera is such a great choice to draw The Goddamned.  There is a level of grittiness and brutality in this book that is unwavering and the art matches astoundingly.  The Goddamned is not for the squeamish so be ready for it.  The comic book is only four issues in so you can still catch up.

I got the variant cover by Skottie Young(pictured).

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