Sunday, June 12, 2016

Comic Book Review: Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 - DC Comics (2016)

Written by Greg Rucka
Pencils by Matthew Clark & Liam Sharp
Inks by Sean Parsons & Liam Sharp
Colors by Jeremy Colwell & Laura Martin

Wonder Woman reflects on her life as she figures out where she fits into the world.

Greg Rucka takes us into the mind of Wonder Woman.  The way she is viewed by the world and her perception of those views are explored as we are treated with an origin story that in no way feels forced.  If a person was hoping to get into a comic book with a strong female lead character, this would be a nice starting point.  I almost don't feel like I need to throw in the "strong female lead" character.  Wonder Woman is a great character regardless and if you want to read about a hero with god-like powers, pick this one up.

The artistic duties are shared within this book and all of it looks great.  I like that, if you're having more than one person doing pencils, you have a good separation point.  The back story is told and when Wonder Woman is ready for her other-worldly journey, the change in artists happen.  The ook looks great and reflects the excellent story written by Greg Rucka.

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