Saturday, June 11, 2016

Detective Comics 934 - Comic book Review

As I mentioned in the "Action Comics" review, DC has decided that for Rebirth they're going to start the series where they left off and that's why we have issue #934. This new Batman story feels like it's going to please a lot of readers so let's not waste anymore time with this introduction. Here's my thoughts on "Batman Detective Comics" issue 934...

Batman has discovered that someone is targeting Gotham's vigilantes. He's uncovered advanced drone technology that is beyond even the highest military grade tech out there. He realizes that he's gonna need a team and he's also going to need to train the up and coming vigilantes of Gotham before they are killed. This story had me from the very first page. Instantly hooked as I watched the action and enjoyed the dialogue and exposition. It all fit. Each character has a certain spark about them however, for me, each character read the same except for Azrael & Clayface. These two stood out on their own and it was enjoyable. There is so much conversation in this issue and if you're reading my reviews you know I'm always in favor of quality dialogue. 

The art work is dark and colorful. I wouldn't imagine that this would be an easy task to complete. To create an entire world that is brooding and dangerous but still lively and eye catching, quite a challenge. This issue accomplished that. Everything was recognizable and nothing really looked muddled or dystopian. It's an entirely different city than Metropolis and that's ok. That's precisely what I want from Gotham! The action sequences looked great as did the explosions. Overall, the art was entertaining.

I definitely recommend you pick this issue up. I enjoyed this more than the Batman solo Rebirth issue so much it's not even comparable. If you like Batman stories and his pantheon of characters, you're gonna be delighted with this issue. Go pick up a copy at your local comic book store and tell them Maskerpiece Theatre sent you.

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