Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One Man's Soap Box: The Unwavering Belief In The MCU

"The Unwavering Belief In Marvel"

In the past few years two things happened, A really good X-Men film and less than acceptable Fantastic Four Movie were made. Worldwide at the box office these two films were at opposite ends of the spectrum. One succeeded while the other failed leaving a $500 mil difference between movies. At the time everyone blamed the quality of Fantastic Four….No argument from me, It sucked. However what was overlooked was the two Marvel movies based on lesser known characters which both ended up grossing as much or even more than the two Fox films.

How did two lesser known Comicbook properties beat the more popular properties in Fantastic Four and X-men? The answer is the Marvel production company.

For fun lets use Spiderman: Homecoming as an example. When Sony and Marvel where able to reach an agreement for Spidey to come to the MCU, it was met with an overwhelming amount of approval. This never surprised me, but what ultimately did was the reaction or commentary which followed. Anyone I’ve spoken to states it will be the best Spiderman film yet, articles I’ve read state the franchise will be saved. All due to the Idea that Marvel is now involved in making the movie.

From my perspective Marvel doesn’t make superior comicbook movies, example “Antman” at best it was a decent fun movie. However with it being attached to MCU its passed as being a better quality film than what it truly was. Try listing 5 of your favorite comic book movies, how many Marvel movies made the list? Did any solo outing make the list or was it both Avenger and Civilwar? My point being is we are more lenient for a MCU property than we are for any other Comicbook property out there. The reason being it has Marvel Attached to it.

I didn’t write this blog to trash the MCU, I’ve loved all of their movies. However, I have recently read to many blogs, seen to many article and talked with to many people who all will dismiss a good DC movie/TV Show, but still watch a Marvel movie of the same quality or less than and praise it. So before preaching about how Spiderman is safe now its with Marvel, remember one things, the company which brought you both Spiderman 3 and Amazing Spiderman 2 is still ultimately in charged and there is a good chance it won’t be better than Batman V Superman.

Stepping off my soap box now.

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