Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Rise of The Money In The Bank PPV

"The Rise of The Money In The Bank PPV"

In 2005 the WWE was short on entertainment and even shorter on Superstar talent, the biggest show of the year had begun to become stale. In efforts to spice up Wrestlemania, the creative team came up with the Money In the Bank concept. This would pit multiple WWE Superstars up against each other, fighting for a brief Case which held a contract that could be cashed in at anytime for up to a year for the Heavyweight Championship. For the next 5 years the match would be one of the two matches which stole the show each year, it would create intrigue and fresh storylines until it was ultimately cashed in. 

By the time 2010 rolled around, the Money In The Bank Match was one of the most looked forward to matches and WWE decided it was time to give it its own Pay Per View. This might have been the smartest move that WWE made in the past 10 years. As a result something funny started to happened, MITB quietly moved to become an equal to the Royal Rumble. It’s a match that creates stars while pushing them to the forefront of the WWE Universe.

This past Sunday was no different, With Dean Ambrose stealing the show and winning the MITB Briefcase it elevated another star and by the end of the night we had a New WWE Champion. Finally the fans have what they really want, a Ambrose Championship reign. 

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