Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Toy Convention

ARIZONA TOY CON (formerly known as ICON) was held in downtown Glendale Arizona. Retailers, private sellers, artists, fans & more filled the floors of the Glendale Civic Center on a very hot Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, the insides of the GCC were adequately air conditioned which allowed all the folks there to enjoy their time & not feel rushed. The general feel of the event was positive as both sellers and buyers talked about the item(s) that they were passionate or curious about. It was fun to hear stories from people about why a certain toy from their childhood was so important and what special memories were associated with an action figure or doll. It's fair to say that the people were enjoying themselves and the the time they spent walking the floor, purchasing items & being told by their kids why one action figure is far better than another one.

The event was easy to find despite the fact it's located in downtown. Fortunately, if you're familiar with Glendale Arizona you know that the downtown has a small town look that is unique to the city. Additionally, parking was easy to find and it was near by. When it's over 100 degrees (38 c) a short walk from your car to the event is preferable. Also, the sidewalks have plenty of trees providing a shaded walk which also helps make the insane heat tolerable. 

If you have an opportunity to visit a Toy Convention I'd say go for it. Nice people dealing with nice people who just want to share some time looking and buying toys. If you have one in your area go check it out and while you're there tell them Maskerpiece Theatre sent you. Now enjoy some photos from the "Arizona Toycon!"

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