Thursday, September 29, 2016

Comic Book Review: Kill or be Killed # 2 - Image Comics (2016)

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Sean Phillips
Colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser

Dylan is looking for a target as he must kill someone tonight or he will be the one that dies.

Ed Brubaker writes some of the best crime stories today.  I like that this story incorporates elements of a supposed otherworldly type of character.  The main character Dylan is having a hard time believing there is a demon that is keeping him alive as long as Dylan kills on a regular basis.  The first issue has Dylan wrestling with this idea but after some real injuries, our main character becomes more of a believer.

The second issue is all about Dylan not only looking for someone to kill, but also a murder weapon.  This search makes Dylan think back to his past and he is able to find a gun and also bring up a memory that helps him find the right type of person to kill.

Sean Phillips works with Ed Brubaker pretty regularly when it comes to these crime stories and that is wonderful for us; the readers.  Sean Phillips is a magnificent artist whose style captures the grit of the story and gives the best visuals that can be laid down on a page.  The art captures the essence of what the story is about.

I am really enjoying "Kill or be Killed" so far.  I like that we don't truly know if the demon is real or not.  I also like that the main character is going through a lot of emotional issues and that this killing is seemingly making Dylan feel cathartic.  There are only two issues out so go out and get them.

What are your thoughts on Kill or be Killed?  What other comic books do you want Maskerpiece Thatre to review?  Please contact us and let us know.

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