Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Comic Book Review: Spider-Man #8 - Marvel Comics (2016)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Nico Leon
Colors by Marte Gracia

Spider-Man is approached by Jessica Jones and Luke Cage due to Jones being hired by Spider-Man's(Miles Morales) grandmother to see what young Miles is up to.  This verbal exchange happens as Spider-Man is on his way to the Triskellion to meet with Tony Stark.  Spider-Man doesn't know what Stark wants, but if Iron Man calls you, it must be important.

I like the multiple stories happening within Spider-Man's life.  Being spied on by Jessica Jones, meeting with Marvel's biggest heroes and being in the midst of the heroes' Civil War.  This story is fun and is definitely going places.  This is the good part.

The dialogue is a bit cheesy.  There are parts that call out the cheesiness but that's not an excuse.  This book is rated T for teen but the cheese goes well below that.  Luke Cage refers to himself as "badassiest."  Maybe I haven't read enough Luke Cage stories, but I never thought of him as a guy that would talk like that.  I hope the Netflix series doesn't do that.

Nico Leon is a very good artist and conveys the story visually in a nice way.  Facial expressions look great as well as overall body language.  There are a lot of emotions within this story and all were represented extremely well through Leon's artwork.

What are your thoughts on Spider-Man?  Do you like Miles Morales being in the same universe as a live Peter Parker?  Are you keeping up with the Civil War II books?

Please let us know what other comic books you would like Maskerpiece Theatre to review.

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