Sunday, October 30, 2016

Binge Watcher Review: Not Cool (2014)

Not Cool (2014)

Shane Dawson, Cherami Leigh, Drew Monson, Lisa Schwartz, Michelle Veintimilla, Kurt Angle, Kasey Daley, Garbie Dukes, Laurel George, 

A group of former high school students come back home for Thanksgiving. During the few days back they undertake things like partying, relationships, and reconnecting with family. The teenagers experience how to let go of high school and move on with their lives.

The Good:
If you like a low budget version of American Pie, than this movie is for you

The Bad:
This is a low budget version of American Pie, with out the solid comedic writing needed to make it more.

Final Thoughts:
This movie was part of the Stars show “The Chair”, which saw two director chosen to create a movie based on the same script. Shane Dawson was the director of “Not Cool”, however during the process of the show Shane made some drastic changes to the script, which turned what should have been a more serious dramady. 

What we ended up with was a low budget version of every high school comedy one can think of. One of the big issues of the movie was how crazy it got. One scene in particular shows a homeless man eating his own shit, the movie would follow this trend of “Shock Comedy” until the very end.

However with the bad being stated, knowing where this movie came from, a documentary style TV show and directed by a Youtube star, I was shocked at how well the movie actually was. As for Shane Dawson, he not only directed the movie he also starred in it, Because of how he portrayed the main character of Scott. He was able to bring a softness to the character which evened out the film from all the crazy antics.

Was this great, no but it was a solid movie which you can watch on Netfix. However, to really enjoy it I will have to recommend streaming “The Chair” on star prior. You will end up with a greater appreciation for what you are watching. 

Have you seen the movie yet? If you have let us know your thoughts and leave your comments below. 

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