Thursday, November 3, 2016

Supergirl Review: Season 2 Episode 4 "Survivors"

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 4

Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, Floriana Lima, Chris Wood, David Harewood, Laura Benanti, Sharon Leal, Katie McGrath, Dichen Lachman, Ian Gomez, John DeSantis

When Kara and Alex investigate the murder of an unregistered alien, the trail leads to an alien fight club run by Roulette, the ringmaster who commands aliens to fight in mortal combat for the entertainment of rich humans. While trying to stop the fighting, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter find themselves up against a surprising opens. Meanwhile, Hank is thrilled to have found another Martian and tries to get to know M’Gann better. Supergirl takes Mon-El under her wing begins to train him.

Final Thoughts:
An interesting episode which is touching on Aliens and Humans co-existing on earth. In the 4th episode we see an Alien fight club pop  of being ran by a human, Roulette. Within the episode we saw the growing or struggling relationship between Miss Martian and Hank. This struggle ends with Hank being captured by Roulette and being forced to fight M’gann M’orzz

We are also slowly getting closer to Mon-El turning into a superhero. Mon-El just wants to get out, he was also intrigued by the idea of Wynn’s to become a superhero. The only issues is kara want nothing to do with him. But that seemed to change toward the end of the episode. It will be interesting to see the training. hopefully we get a rocky montage.

Its been a few weeks since we have seen any sign of a season villain, not sure where we are with that, each week has been its own episode, each weeks villains seem week and its been kinda disappointing. Although I do appreciated the build up of each character.

What do you think of this weeks episode? Let us know and leave your comments below.

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