Saturday, December 17, 2016

Comic Book Review: Demonic #1 - Image Comics(2016)

Written by Christopher Sebela
Art by Niko Walter
Colors by Dan Brown
Created by Robert Kirkman & Marc Sylvestri

Demonic is the story about Scott Graves, a police officer who has a secret past with what seems to be a cult.  There is a call that seemed like a regular domestic disturbance but it was far from the usual.  This sets the story in motion and we find out how difficult Graves' life is.  He has a daughter who is mysteriously ill and he finds a way to make her better with the help of a demon named Aeshma.  Getting help from demons usually comes at a price and now Scott Graves must kill for Aeshma.

This book was impressive, especially for a first issue.  The writer, Christopher Sebela, did a wonderful job of introducing characters and has me curious where things are going to go.  It's nice to see some of the side characters get some lines within the panels.  Scott's wife Jamie who knows about the cult, is shown as a concerned wife who keeps her husband on a short leash.  Graves also has a partner named Dani Fischer and she knows plenty of Scott's secrets(including their affair together).  I don't think Fischer knows about the cult however.  The character that Scott is most protective of is his daughter Lucy who has had health issues.  The character that interacts with Scott the most is Aeshma.  Only Scott can see her and she proves to be quite influential on his actions, especially when it comes to Lucy's health.  Also, the word Novo come up a lot.

I really like Niko Walter's art in this book.  There is a lot of character interaction and the body language is on point.  There is also some gore in this book as well.  It 's definitely not for the kiddos but it is incredibly enjoyable.

One more thing that I liked about reading this comic book; there were words to read.  I like when there are panels filled with dialogue.  You get your money's worth when you purchase this issue of Demonic.  With a cover price of $2.99, it's definitely a great value.

What are your thoughts on Demonic?  What comic books are you reading?  What other books do you want Maskerpiece Theatre to review?  Were you expecting this to be a review of a book about the game from the movie "Grandma's Boy?"

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