Saturday, February 25, 2017

Casting Nightwing

News of a Nightwing movie has been all over the internet this week.  I personally just about leaped out of my skin as I have felt this is the direction DC should be going with their films as the lesser known heroes seem to do pretty well in the box office.

There is all kinds of speculation about this film already and I don't even know if there is a script.  The rumor is that a director has been tapped; Chris McKay, the director of Lego Batman.  I don't know how concrete these rumors are, but there are multiple sites reporting.

So that's the news end of things.  I'm sure it's all stuff you have already read about so let's get into the fun stuff.  What do we want to see in a Nightwing movie?

A full on origin story is not necessary.  I bet an excellent Nightwing movie could be two hours or less.  You can let it be known he was Robin and his parents died so he was raised by Batman and Alfred.

If you want to get a fun origin story in the movie, give insight into where the name Nightwing comes from.  It has nothing to do with bats or Bruce Wayne's alter ego altogether.  Big Blue himself was the inspiration for Dick Grayson's choice in crime fighting name.  Nightwing came from a Kryptonian legend.  I know, you would probably have to tweak some things as the current DC movie Universe probably doesn't make this feasible.  Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad aren't exactly stellar so why not go off the path?

Don't be so grim.  Have some fun with this movie.  Lighten up DC!  I keep hearing how DC is going for realism with the darker themes but I don't think most of the world sucks that bad.  Maybe it does, but Dick Grayson/Nightwing don't need to bring us down any further.

There are plenty of villains we can choose from but I think, before we go any further, we should look at who should play the title character.  On Maskerpiece Theatre, we like to cast films and figure out who we would like to play certain characters.  Follow us on Twitter, we play this game quite often as it's not just on the podcasts.  I'll give you names but without explanation.  You be the judge and let us know what you think.  Photos are from the actors' IMDB profiles.

Joseph Gordon Levitt


Matt Bomer

Steven R. McQueen

Ian Somerhalder

Jon Rhys Meyers

Please feel free to comment below or contact us on Twitter to let us know your thoughts.

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